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Prologue mix Planet 90 Miss Mana 27/04/2012

In the beginning there were only the harmonic rhythms. A constant beat with corresponding sounds. But at a certain time there came some disturbance, to ''Wind It Up''. A kind of restlessness. It was the feeling of keeping on the move and ''Keep on Dancing. Also a kind of struggling. Some called ´Wahlaaa´. A yell to appeal to something outside themselves. They even wrote books about it. The need for some, to take strenght in something outside them, to endure and to survive and compete in this Jungle. Because sometimes it is'' Rough in the jungle''.

A Prodigy child appeared and said now hear this all bad boy´s : feel the jungle vibe baby'' I  am the God of Hellfire and I will bring you: Fire!'' Many were scared and surrended to this so called prophetic words and the promise of being save when they surrended to this Prodigy humanchild. But some were still rocking, not willing but also unable to surrender to this kind of populism and sheep behaviour. 'We´re gonna show you what it is al about' was the spirit, and they made some f*cking noise. [i]´Set me free´ a woman screamed, a place was created of people who were loosing their mind and making people dance and shout. Shouts all over like 'Let it rock you', and [i]'let it move you'. With lots of music based on that same constant, harmonic rhythm as in the beginning, 'to set you free'.

But there was a kind of chaos, everybody was doing their thing but their was no real connection, no real kind of harmony. So a new slogan ´Everybody´ was introduced. People danced and interacted with each other in stead of  just letting themselves go and/or fleeing from their daily problems and issues. Some 'changed their picture', their point of view,  and some still ´Smacked their bitch up´, unable to get a better inside and controle over their lives.

(+/- 47 min.) The adage was: [b]''Come on do that shit allnight''. Like if they were immortal, and nobody or anything could harm them. From Holland came the voice that gushed about ''Youre the king of my dreams''. It was kind of Shocking (blue). As if society was only feasible and nature and nature´s rules were not something to take notice off. But then the Masters of Ceremony came again out of the ghetto´s. Uprising new kind of prophets, acting against this hedonism. Some stayed sober, but most of them also were drawn into the fast live. 'They Imagined how it would be, to be at the top making cash money. Going all over the world. Telling stories about all the young girls'. Nature´s number one motivation took over, the balans was lost, and their came a time again of moving up and down, with a nice long ''French Kiss''.

Nowadays Knowledge itself is spread throughout the world. Like after the darker ages, when people also tried to think for themselves. But it was hard. Sinister sounds from all over the world grasped those who struggled with freedom and what to do, or not, what was good and what was not. Without a god or leader who told them what to do, it was more difficult than most would or could admit. Boejaka! But as in real live there is a continuous flow, in this musical journey it is the one of beats and breaks, acid melodies, early rave and more sounds blending. Creating a new intermezzo, a new era.

This era was introduced by the following words:' Ask the dj to turn up the volume. Turn it up with no fear of reproof. So we hear the pound and the pulsating sound and the woodworms fall all out of the roof.' A beginning of more uplifting sounds and breaks. So a truth was shrouded by the smoke in our eyes and minds, because: 'Do you wanna kick some or do you wanna know what´s up!'

Leading to almost the end of the birth of this musical epos, there is some ´repenting´. And it is all about 'Everybody' again. Alone with these thoughts and music for now in my mind, I enjoy the thought of sharing this mix with everybody, meaning you listeners. I hope you will enjoy 2.

Miss Mana

27/04/2012 @

You can find the mix at my You Tube departement ;)

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